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Aerohive’s End of Life Access Points and HiveManager Licensing:
(This link provides you with the end of sale and support dates along with the replacement Extreme Networks WAPs)

Aerohive HiveManager Classic

  • Hive Manager Classic is “End of Sale” for new customers. Existing customers can purchase classic licenses / subscriptions until 12/31/2020
  • Hive Manager Classic Cloud has an “End of Support” date of 3/31/2023. HiveManager Classic On-Prem has an “End of Support” date of 3/21/2025
  • We should begin discussing migrating your clients to Extreme XIQ (Formerly HiveManager NG)

  • Aerohive AP122
    2x2 802.11ac Dual Radio Access Point



    Aerohive AP122Enterprise-grade 2x2, 2-stream, 802.11n/ac access point for coverage oriented environments, as well as IoT and location-based services

    AP122 provides dual 802.11n or 11n/ac performance with data rates up to 867 Mbps using existing 802.3af PoE infrastructure. Versatile and cost-effective, AP122 is optimally suited for coverage- oriented, low-to medium capacity environments.

    Running powerful HiveOS coupled with innovative distributed Cooper - ative Control architecture, AP122 brings the best of coverage and ad - vanced 802.11ac technology. In addition, the integrated BLE radio and a USB interface in the access point opens up a multitude of deployment use-cases in IoT and proximity/location-oriented services.

    AP122 is a key component of the Aerohive Connect solution. Connect provides cloud-managed connectivity built on Aerohive’s industry-first co- operative control Wi-Fi focused on optimizing speed and resilience. Con- nect is centrally managed from the cloud, allowing for simple, fast, and powerful management.

    Aerohive Connect Components

    Enterprise Connectivity

    • Built-in Bluetooth Low Energy for iBeacon/ other beacon technologies
    • IoT readiness with USB port
    • Trusted Platform Module (TPM) – Hardware-based key storage and encryption
    • Encryption: AES/CCMP, TKIP, and RC4 (WEP only)

    Cloud Management

    • Network Device and Client Monitoring
    • Global Search and Filter function
    • Auto-Provisioning Tools for quick and easy deployment
    • Network Health View
    • Versatile RF Planning
    • Guided Network Configuration Setup
    • 802.1X and PSK Secured Networks
    • Guest Access functionality with configurable Captive Web Portal

    HiveCare Support

    • HiveCare Community Support: forum-based interactive support
    • HiveCare Connect CallBack service: optional
    • Wide array of online resources and tools


    Aerohive AP122 Specifications
    Radio Specifications—802.11ac
    • 5.150–5.850 GHz Operating Frequency
    • 802.11ac Modulation (256-QAM)
    • Rates (Mbps): MCS0–MCS9 (6.5Mbps – 867 Mbps), NSS = 1-2.
    • 2x2:2 Stream Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) Radio
    • VHT20/VHT40/VHT80 support
    • TxBF ( Transmit Beamforming)
    Radio Specifications—802.11n
    • 2.4–2.5 GHz & 5.150–5.850 GHz Operating
    • 802.11n Modulation
    • Rates (Mbps): MCS0 - MCS15 (6.5MBps - 300Mbps)
    • 2x2 Multiple-In, Multiple-Out (MIMO) Radio
    Radio Specifications—802.11g
    • 2.4–2.5 GHz Operating Frequency
    • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Modulation
    • Rates (Mbps): 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9, 6 w/ auto fallback
    Radio Specifications—802.11b
    • 2.4–2.5 GHz Operating Frequency
    • Direct-Sequence Spread-Spectrum (DSSS) Modulation
    • Rates (Mbps): 11, 5.5, 2, 1 w/ auto fallback
    Radio Specifications—802.11a
    • 5.150–5.850 GHz Operating Frequency
    • Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (OFDM) Modulation
    • Rates (Mbps): 54, 48, 36, 24, 18, 12, 9, 6 w/ auto fallback
    • 2x Integrated single band, 2.4-2.5 GHz Omni- directional antennas
    • 2x Integrated single band, 5.1-5.8 GHz Omni- directional antennas
    • 1 x BLE internal antenna
    • Autosensing 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet PoE (Power over Ethernet 802.3af) Port
    • RJ-45 console port
    • Standard USB port
    • LxWxH 171X171X44.5 mm (6.75x6.75x1.75in). w/o mounting brackets
    • Weight: 1.13 lb (0.51 kg)
    • Operating: 0 to +40°C, Storage: -40 to +70°C
    • Humidity: 95%
    Environmental Compliance
    • UL2043
    Power Specifications
    • IEEE 802.3af PoE Power
    Power Options
    • Power Draw: Typical 10.5W, Max 12.9W
    • 802.3af / 802.3at (PoE/PoE+)
    • Desktop
    • Wall Mount
    • Ceiling Tile flush 15/16”
    • Ceiling Tile Recessed 15/16”, 3/8”, 9/16” sold as an accessory
    • Ceiling Tile Flush 3/8”, 9/16” sold as an accessory
      • Suspend Mount sold as an accessory

    Compare Access Points:

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    Environment Indoor - Plenum Indoor Industrial - Plenum Indoor - Non Plenum Indoor - Plenum Outdoor - Waterproof (IP 67)
    Radio Technology Dual Radio 802.11n Dual Radio 802.11ac/n Wave 1 Dual Radio 802.11ac/n Wave 2 Dual Radio w/ a Software Selectable Radio 802.11ac Dual Radio 802.11ac/n Wave 1
    Wave 1 & 2 Dual Wave 2
    Performance 2x2:2 MIMO 300 + 300Mbps 3x3:3 MIMO 450 + 450Mbps 2x2:2 MIMO 300 + 867Mbps 2x2:2 MIMO 300 + 867Mbps 3x3:3 MIMO 450 + 1300Mpbs 3x3:3 MU- MIMO 450 + 1300Mpbs 3x3:3 MU-MIMO 1300Mbps SSR +1300Mbps 4x4:4:3 MU- MIMO 1733Mbps SSR + 1733Mbps 2x2:2 MIMO 300 + 867Mbps
    Security TPM Security Chip & Private Pre-Shared Key (PPSK)
    Interfaces 1 x GE (PoE) 2 x GE (1 x PoE) with Link aggregation 1 x GE (PoE) 2 x GE (1 x PoE) with Link aggregation 2 x GE (2 x PoE) with Link aggregation 1 x GE(PoE)
    Power PoE, AC PoE PoE PoE, DC PoE PoE+, DC
    Operating Temperatures 0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F) -20°C - 55°C (-4°F - 131°F) 0°C - 40°C (32°F - 104°F) 0°C - 50°C (32°F - 122°F) 0°C-40°C (32°F-104°F) -40°C - 55°C (-40°F - 131°F)
    Deployment HiveManager Cloud & On-premises (NG or Classic)


    Download the Aerohive AP122 Datasheet (.PDF)