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Aerohive’s End of Life Access Points and HiveManager Licensing:
(This link provides you with the end of sale and support dates along with the replacement Extreme Networks WAPs)

Aerohive HiveManager Classic

  • Hive Manager Classic is “End of Sale” for new customers. Existing customers can purchase classic licenses / subscriptions until 12/31/2020
  • Hive Manager Classic Cloud has an “End of Support” date of 3/31/2023. HiveManager Classic On-Prem has an “End of Support” date of 3/21/2025
  • We should begin discussing migrating your clients to Extreme XIQ (Formerly HiveManager NG)

  • Aerohive XR200P SD-Wan Router
    Cloud-Managed SD-WAN Router with Gigabit PoE Ethernet

    Aerohive XR200P SD-Wan Router



    The XR200P, powered by Aerohive's cloud networking technologies, provides secure SD-WAN routing for distributed organizations, extending unified enterprise connectivity to any location. With the powerful HiveOS at its core, the XR200P delivers global Layer 3 IPsec VPN services, link state monitoring, multi-path optimization, stateful firewall policies, and granular end-to-end user-based access controls.

    Extend Flexible, Simplified, Unified Network Access From HQ to Remote Locations

    Aerohive’s SD-WAN solution redefines small and midsize branch and remote office network economics, control, and performance, delivering a “Headquarters-like” user experience regardless of location. Powered by Aerohive Cloud Networking and a self-optimizing architecture, highly distributed organizations can benefit from secure and reliable network access that’s easier to provision, operate, and support.

    Extend Flexible, Simplified, Unified Network Access From HQ to Remote Locations

    Remote Cost and Complexity

    Remote Cost and Complexity

    Aerohive’s Cloud Networking platform and virtualized VPN services dramatically reduce cost of investment and operations. Cloud management dramatically simplifies network administration, while multi-path optimization and application-based flow control help to reduce or completely remove costly MPLS links by improving performance across inexpensive broadband links.

    Optimize Network Performance

    Optimize Network Performance

    User and application-based traffic flow control enables organizations to identify, prioritize, and restrict traffic flows based on application or user context or bandwidth requirements. Direct mission-critical traffic through primary business-grade WAN connections, while less important traffic flows may be sent via secondary LTE or consumer-grade connections.

    Enforce Secure Network Access

    Enforce Secure Network Access

    Contextualized profiling, cloud security proxy, and a flow-based stateful firewall, enable IT to easily assign forwarding policies by application, user group, client OS, client Mac address, client location, and schedules. This allows corporate headquarters’ network usage and security policies to be consistency enforced on every device, wired or wireless, regardless of their location.

    Aerhive's SD-WAN Solution Provides Fast, Reliable, and Secure HQ-Like Network Access to Midsize Remote Locations and Telewokers.

    • Easily deploy, monitor, and support thousands of remote sites with cloud management and automated device provisioning
    • Optimize, throttle, and direct traffic based on applications and users
    • Secure end-to-end LAN and WAN policy enforcement
    • Single pane of glass cloud management for wired and wireless LAN and WAN

    Simplify Multi-Site Rollout

    With cloud-managed networks, you can have thousands of sites deployed in no time.

    • Auto discovery enables remote device to phone home and discover their management server once plugged in
    • Auto provisioning removes manual configuration, sending profiles to new devices in minutes
    • Update, monitor, and support thousands of devices from a single location

    Simplify Multi-Site Rollout

    Reduce Operational Costs With Dynamic Path Selection and Auto-VPN

    An Aerohive SD-WAN router is capable of dynamic path selection in which packets can be distributed across multiple connections in real-time, based on current link metrics including RTT, jitter and link utilization. More than simply providing link redundancy, it ensures traffic is passed over the most optimal path at all times. This provides a platform for dramatic cost savings where dedicated MPLS links can be swapped in favour more affordable broadband lines. To further reduce costs, benefit from Auto-VPN in which branch sites can be securely connected to HQ without the need for a dedicated and expensive private network.

    Unified Software-Defined Access

    A Full-Stack Solution
    Aerohive’s SD-WAN and SD-LAN technologies are a perfect complement, serving distributed organizations with unified management and policy enforcement that radically simplifies deployment, security, and troubleshooting at scale. A common Software Defined architecture ensures that Aerohive’s access and backhaul networks work together to self-optimize, self-correct, and self-learn.

    Unified Software-Defined Access


    Multi-Path Optimization
    Achieve optimal network performance with intelligent traffic steering between multiple transport links

    Reduce operational costs and complexity of distributed deployments with centralized cloud management

    Link State Monitoring
    Provide the highest levels of service and reliability cost-effectively with link state monitoring and failover

    Automated Provisioning
    Shorten time to deploy by enabling automatic provisioning of Aerohive devices with network policy and rmware updates

    L2-7 Policy Enforcement
    Enable contextualized profiling and advanced security features for consistent network usage and security policies on every device, wired or wireless, regardless of their location

    Visibility and Reporting
    Obtain enterprise-grade visibility and control in real-time and comprehensive reporting of network quality and availability

    Application Flow Control
    Identify, prioritize, and restrict traffic flows based on application importance or bandwidth requirements for optimized network performance

    LTE Backhaul
    Leverage LTE as either a primary connectivity option or as back-up to ensure site-to-site connectivity and business continuity

    VPN Gateway
    Complete VPN flexibility with a choice of XR600P or dedicated NFV virtual gateway appliance for the data center or headquarters deployment

    Remote Troubleshooting
    Proactively diagnose and remedy client connectivity problems in real-time and historically with remote cloud tools

    Unified SD-LAN and SD-WAN
    Simplify deployment, security, and troubleshooting with a common software-defined architecture and cohesive access and backhaul networks

    URL Filtering
    Create specific whitelists and blacklists or rule against URL categories with customizable parameters including time schedules, ensuring users are prevented from accessing unsafe or unauthorized sitest


    Reduce costs, improve productivity
    Reduce the dependancy on expensive MPLS links. With multi-site VPN functionality, distributed networks can be seamlessly joined together. This enables remote sites to easily and securely access HQ resources including file servers, databases and printers.

    Increase performance and resiliency
    Dynamic path selection and auto-remidiation ensures traffic is always passed over the most optimal uplink. If the business line is slow, dynamically re-route traffic over the broadband connection. If the broadband fails, switch to LTE.

    Full-stack network management
    Combine Aerohive’s SD-WAN and SD-LAN - manage the Wi-Fi, switching and routing through a unified policy. Keep everything secure with network-wide enforcement. Make life easier with single-pane-of-glass visibility, analytics and troubleshooting.

    Empower home and remote workers
    With zero-touch VPN provisioning, an instant tunnel can be formed to HQ. Provide a HQ-like experience to users, whether working from home or a hotel.

    Control application and user behaviour
    With user-based routing policies, permit corporate traffic to pass over the MPLS network whilst pushing guest trafc over a broadband link. With application-based routing, prevent bandwidth-hungry services consuming the LTE connection. Protect users from unsafe or unauthorized sites with integrated URL filtering.

    Application Traffic Optimization

    Application Traffic Optimization
    Prioritize, direct, restrict, and block apps

    Identity-Driven Policy Enforcement

    Identity-Driven Policy Enforcement
    End-to-end SD-LAN/SD-WAN User Controls and Optimization

    Link State Monitoring

    Link State Monitoring
    Dynamically shape performance based on backhaul operational state


    Aerohive XR200P Specifications
    • Desktop
    • Wall Mounts
    • IEEE 802.3ab(1000BASE-T), 802.3u(100BASE-TX), 802.3(10BASE-T) compliant
    • 5x 1GE ports
    • 2x PoE ports with total of 30.8W power budget, supporting 2 IEEE 802.3af standards-based PoE ports or other combinations
    • 1x USB2.0 Port
    • 1 Reset button to reset (on press) and load factory default settings (when pressed for more than 5 seconds)
    • 1 RJ45 console port
    • 7.75” W x 1.13” H x 6.1” D
    • Weight: 14 oz (400g)
    • Operating: 0 to +40°C, Storage: -40 to +70°C
    • Humidity: 5% to 95% RH (non-condensing)
    MTBF (based on Telecordia SR-332)
  • 392,000 Hours at 25ºC
  • Power DC 48V/1.25A, 60W
    Physical Security 1 Kensington Lock Connector
    Other Features
    • Full Trusted Computing Group (TCG) Trusted Platform Module (TPM)
    • Dedicated Hardware-accelerated SHA-1 Engine


    Features Platforms
    General XR200P XR200P-WP
    Recommended Users 1 to 50 10 to 50
    FW Mbps 200 Mbps 200 Mbps
    VPN Mbps 100 Mbps 100 Mbps
    Radio None 1 3x3:3 11abgn
    Interfaces 5x 10/100/1000 5x 10/100/1000
    Managed PoE None 2 PoE PSE
    SNMP Yes Yes
    USB WAN as Primary Yes Yes
    SSIDs 0 16
    Networks 16 16
    User Profiles 64 64
    Wi-Fi Client Max Mbps N/A 450 Mbps
    Spectrum Analysis N/A Yes
    Wi-Fi as WAN N/A Yes
    WIPS N/A Yes
    WPA2-PSK N/A Yes
    WPA2-802.1X Wired Only Yes
    PPSK SSID Support N/A Yes
    Security and Management
    RADIUS Server/Proxy Yes Yes
    AD Integration Yes Yes
    PPSK Server No Yes
    Cloud Proxy (Barracuda, Websense) 1 to 10 users/100 sessions 1 to 10 users/100 sessions
    OpenDNS Yes Yes
    Voice QoS Yes Yes
    Access Port Based Voice Yes Yes
    Trunk Port Based Voice Yes Yes


    Download the Aerohive XR200P Router Datasheet (.PDF)